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Yvo de Boer's conduct crisis & climate crime









Giving a lecture at Maastricht University on 25-01-2010 close to his hometown of Eijsden in the Netherlands on recent climate-change developments, Mr. de Boer pretended he 'didn't understand my question' about the Royal Dutch Disease >notwithstanding my explanation during the coffee-break<  the rootcause of easy money, parliamentary deficit and vested industrial dominance of big oil & gas dictating global opaque policy-making: once again, think climate, interpollution, credit crime excess, Irak, world crisis, budget & bonus crime, IP bubble and bond wars! Under de Boers's watch, OBAMA seized whatever global responsible development with the words

"We've got them! The deal is done!"


You were all lucky I happened to be at the meeting in Maastricht, the oldest Dutch city where the European Treaty for monetary stability was signed, to confront this guy with the right questions. After he insisted he didn't understand what I clarified with him before, I left the auditorium. A few days later, I heard from officials that he "answered all my questions", once I was gone! We shape people out of assholes! This is a big step forward to World Stability, because very rarely addicts or idiots speak up. There's a lot more going wrong here. Why didn't you know what is out there? No worry, we'll tell you! By the way, Maastricht is the capital of the birthplace of the Dutch Disease where the most modern coalmines were closed and distroyed without opposition after the world's second biggest well of natural gas was found in 1959... the future easy life and dream better than any American banker could imagine, misleadingly seized by the 'Esso Four' based on post-war US technology-advantage: the consolidation of industrial dominance and implicit reason why people give their children garbage and don't know anymore that only language not subject to interpretation is exact science.

Zusammenhängende Neubauten stürtzen ein!

     Stephan Tychon, duality room WSC -investigative reporting       WE EXPLAIN, 'CAUSE WE KNOW HOW


Please compare with former Shell America president John Hofmeister's answer about the position of Exxon within the Dutch Gasunie on the energy blog of Loren Steffy of the Houston Chronicle

At 6:38pm on September 6, 2009, John Hofmeister said…



Regarding your question on Gasunie, the terms of the relationship between Shell and Exxon are well defined as to who is responsible for what and how the financial relationship and governing relationships should be executed. It is set up in order to facilitate the transactions that pertain directly to the business unit which both companies govern. The relationship is thus limited by contract as between any two business partners on a specific transaction. Therefore the broader philosophical, operational and cultural differences between the Parent Companies are not part of the business dealings and do not get in the way of the partnership.


At 12:52pm on September 25, 2008, Stephan Tychon said…

Quotes on future sustainable energy options:

Lee Raymond: "That's not the way we do business!"
John Hofmeister in a press conference in Houston, 2007: "That's the way we do business."

The key question of global energy-fundamentals importance is: "Is Exxon & Shell the perfect 'Team of Rivals' -within the P3 NV Nederlandse Gasunie- or a threat to global business, financials and the overall economy as we see it develop before our eyes today, every day from hour to hour.

The Exxon-Shell Game is over... soon.
Get educated on historic failures and visit

Comments invited!
Also on my standpoint about the Enwrong trial!
Stephan Tychon
Chief officer of change, WSC

At 6:15pm on August 20, 2008, John Hofmeister said…
It is a good move to increase dialogue on the subject of energy. Loren Steffy is creating a public service by setting up this networking opportunity.

The nation needs to move to a discussion of solutions that target pragmatics rather than ideology. Party political positioning is causing paralysis of the political policy making process and results in not just no solutions but deeper polarization of decisionmakers.

Citizens for Affordable Energy is being formed as a new company to articulate solutions and promote education and understanding for all Americans and their leaders about energy issues and prospects. It was formed in mid-July, registered in Washington, D.C., and is applying to the IRS for not-for-profit certification. It centers its policy and education work on "Four Mores". 1) More energy from all sources of supply; 2) more technology and innovation to promote efficient use of energy; 3) more environmental stewardship to enable sustainable outcomes; 4) more physical (and legal) infrastructure to deliver energy from where it is produced to where it is consumed.

Citizens for Affordable Energy will fund itself in two ways: philanthropic contributions and the sale of low cost memberships. It is not yet accepting memberships but plans to do so later this year. There is a website under construction where interested people can leave their name, contact information and comments, and learn a bit more about the issues and opportunities that are out there. It is located at

I look forward to much discussion of energy in the coming weeks, months and, yes, years. It will take years, unfortunately, because the nation has waited so long to address the major issues we face on both the supply and demand side of energy. It will take decades of sound policy development and execution to move us from where we are to where we need to be.

John Hofmeister
Founder and CEO
Citizens for Affordable Energy


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