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Bull Fish Beer CFTC

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Bull Fish Beer CFTC

(Commentary in Silver, rather than commentary on Silver!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, February 15th, 2009

This week, the new designs are of a Bull, a Fish, a "Beer Medallion" and CFTC appreciation medallion.

Terbo Ted and I would like to thank all of our readers who have contributed ideas for new rounds.  We are listening.  Continue to send your design ideas to:


The first silver round in our 2009 flora and fauna series features a silhouette of a bull on the obverse, and is backed with abstract circular shapes.  Deliberately understated, this 999 fine silver bullion round suggests multiple meanings.  Are you bullish on silver in 2009? Is this celebrating the Chinese year of the ox?  The reverse is even more obtuse with market metaphors; are the round patterns bullseyes, balls or bubbles ?  If you're bullish on bullion in 2009, this is the one to stack for you.  Of interesting note for collectors, we were trying to design something classic and yet simple to make that would have "long lasting wear" as a circulating round, but minting silver rounds is a unique process that actually made the manufacture of a "flat" image on a flat round more difficult, because the silver does not "flow" as easily into a flat space. 



The second silver round in our 2009 flora and fauna series continues with understated meanings, with a simple non-controversial image of a fish along with inscriptions of the year and metal content.  The head of a fish is on the obverse, backed by a fish tail.  It's perfect for a heads or tails coin toss.  If you place two rounds side by side, you can see the image of a single fish.  Collectors of this .999 fine silver bullion round have lots of options when introducing the object to conversation, such as: 'give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish...'; or, the tail (sic) of the big one that got away.  People of faith, and non faith alike, can understand the rich and evocative symbolism of a fish.



At first glance, this may seem frivolous or even irresponsible, but our .999 fine silver bullion "beer backed" medallion is designed to introduce the topic of silver as currency into social conversations.  Sadly, we live in a world where precious few know or understand the market rates of silver bullion, yet far more people understand the cost of their favorite brew.  This round, inscribed with the words "GOOD FOR ONE OR MORE BEERS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD" is an excellent way for silver advocates to spread the message of silver's real value anywhere beer is consumed.  We really don't like the idea of paper backed by silver; nor do we like people claiming that silver is backed by nothing, so we designed this piece to get them thinking, and silver circulating!  Designed as a humor piece or gag gift, or just a fun way to get people talking. Besides, we never know, independent bar owners may decide to order in bulk for real use by their patrons!  Use responsibly.

CFTC Appreciation Medallion.

Let us pause and give thanks to the CFTC for willfully refusing to recognize or end the low silver price manipulation of futures contract prices by several large banks that have sold short silver positions that far exceed all historic norms of position limits and concentration limits on the short side of the market.  The CFTC has all the data on who is manipulating.  They know the names of the large banks who have such concentrated positions, and several writers in the private sector have fingered J.P. Morgan, but the official "investigation" lingers for months, if not years now, but that's not important.  What's important is that we show our thanks and appreciation for such criminal neglect in high places by buying the silver while it remains available.  Also, why not immortalize such bold incompetence, ironically, in the very silver that they despise, for future generations so that they can understand our angst at this peculiar time in history, because otherwise, future generations would never believe it.  I really don't expect the CFTC to pull their head out.

We are not accepting any orders for any of these products at this time.  We will only sell once we have something in hand.  Obviously, we don't believe in futures contracts.

Some people are wondering why we don't have a more overt "Christian" themed round.  Please be patient, we have at least 4 more designs in the final stages, a Lady Liberty piece, a Love the Lord piece, a Tree of Life piece, a "Don't Tread on Me" piece, so stay tuned.









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