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Bailout Mainstreet

Yes We Can!
It’s Time for a Just Economy for All!

There is no doubt the election of Barack Obama is a watershed. An 8-year-long national nightmare is coming to an end. But there is a tremendous amount of damage to repair.

Foremost is addressing the economic crisis that is upon us and which touches on every concern from the environment and healthcare to wars and energy.

So now that the election is over, the next fight begins.

The wealthy and corporate interests who dished out billions of dollars this election season will be swarming over Washington to get their agendas passed. The energy giants will demand “clean coal,” nuclear power and offshore drilling. More big corporations facing bankruptcy because of their corruption and greed will demand taxpayer bailouts.

Military contractors and weapon peddlers will push the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The super-rich will cry poverty and demand more tax cuts. HMOs and insurance companies will promote bogus healthcare “reforms” so they can forestall universal healthcare. And they won’t take no for an answer.

But things are different this time.

We have the ideas on our side. The public is politically engaged. And we can hold accountable the politicians we put into office. Because the “free market” has proven a farce and the right is in disarray, there is a huge opening to pass policies that can benefit all Americans. As the economy sinks, only concerted public action can revive it.

We need to band together and organize powerful new movements across this country.

We need to organize in the workplace. We need to organize in the schools. We need to organize in the streets, in our neighborhoods, in our communities. And we need to be clear about what we’re for: A Just Economy for All Americans. One that creates 21st Century productive jobs, instead of relying on debt-driven consumption to sustain the economy.

We need to end our addiction to oil. We can end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can solve the healthcare crisis. We can revive our communities, rebuild our infrastructure, invest in education, slow global warming and transition to a clean, green economy.

We need to bring pressure to bear on all levels of government - local, state and national - to enact programs of reconstruction and relief, and to restructure the finance sector.

Here’s how we can start:

  1. Sign this call to action and send it around to everyone you know, urging them to add their name to the call and join this new movement.
  2. Set up an organizing committee in your town or city. We need to bring together labor, housing groups, healthcare activists, environmentalists, business owners and all concerned citizens to help draft a plan to dig our way out of this mess.
  3. Organize a teach-in on the economic crisis and community-based solutions.
  4. Use the teach-in to begin organizing for a day of local action in your community. We are calling for a day of nationally coordinated local actions to push for economic policies that benefit everyone.
  5. IMPORTANT: Start organizing for a big mobilization in Washington, D.C., following the inauguration, to push our demands for a fair, just economy of the future, instead of the failed trickle-down economy of the past.


Noam Chomsky
Linguist, Political Activist, Author

Howard Zinn
Author A People’s History of the United States

Marilyn Clement
National Coordinator Healthcare-NOW

Naomi Klein
Author The Shock Doctrine and No Logo

Medea Benjamin
Co-founder CODEPINK and Global Exchange

Arun Gupta
The Indypendent

Frances Fox Piven
Distinguished Professor CUNY Grad Center, author Regulating the Poor

Brooke Lehman
Bluestockings Bookstore

Stanley Aronowitz
Distinguished Professor of Sociology, CUNY and author
Against Schooling and for an Education that Matters

Organizations listed for identification purposes only.

Join Us - Sign this Call to Action Below

Just like the 1930s, this unprecedented crisis has given us the opportunity to fix America and create a productive, sustainable economy for all. Let's get to work!

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Gregg Osofsky
Pine Plains NY

sandy sanders,
Oakland CA
"Green New Deal! Green New Deal! Bailout Our Home Mother Earth, not Rich People!"

Emeryville CA

tivoli new york

Kellia Ramares,
OAKLAND Left Fiefd Line Productions California
"Global Problems need holistic solutions. No ID politics!"

nicole Lefaivre

Riley Pollom
Rosedale, Alberta, Canada None AB

Toby Woller
Lompoc CA

Bill Barmettler
Chehalis WA

atlanta GA

Bob Struwe
Grand Junction CO

Donna Larner Lavery
Los Angeles CA

Janice Hardy
Petaluma CA

Britt Walford
Louisville KY

Pardeeville none WI
"Stop the thieves that took us over the cliff...Start using the money to help us all, not the bankers."

Caryn Banker
Dubois none WY

James Squires
cook minnesota

Kevin Mitchell
Denman Island BC

New York NY

Debbie Apperson
Monterey TN

Teresa Jaeger
Melbourne FL

Peter Rudd
Ridgewood NY

Branden Barber,
San Francisco RAN California
"We must stop this final, grand crime of this criminally intent administration!"

susan carey
whitestone new york

Jerry K. F. Chilson,
Enumclaw Washington
"The fact that this "Bailout" was rushed through in days, by the same people who have systematicaly Duped & Plundered our nation for the last 8 years, Plus, is the most obvious reson that it must be stopped.Then, a deliberated, carefully considered plan, Implemented & put in place, Instead of a last minute Republican rape of tax dollars. "

San Francisco California

Rich Long
Wooster Ohio

Damien Finneran
Queens New York

Paula Steffen
Newton MA

randy hoover,
san diego project:CADD ca
"stop the bailout NOW ... it is just going into the pockets of the bush admin and their henchmen"

Thomas J. Cullen
Philadelphia PA

Scott Richard Lyons
Geneva New York

Kati Lewis

wesport connecticut

Plainfield VT

Andrew Kozloski
Shoemakersville PA

jupiter fl

Dave Justice,
Albuquerque NM
"Stop this Heist!"

Davitt Barry
Westmont Illinois

East Hampton NY
"Now that we have elected the right president, we must stay vocal and active in encouraging him to do the right thing. The money going to the Wallstreet bailout must be diverted to go to a Mainstreet bailout!"

Steve Brewer
aransas pass tx

Banner Elk NC
"“Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people.” Thomas Jefferson"

James Burnette,
Oak Ridge NC
"People are real; Corporations are just man-made"

Tim Bogle
Delray Beach Fl

Ava Venturelli
Burbank ca

Beverly Erickson
West Linn Oregon

Joe White
New York New York

lake wales fl

Angelo Venturelli,
Burbank CA
"The gurus of Wall St got themselves in this mess. Let them get themselves out of it!"

Edward Gray
Iowa City Iowa

Jerry Byrd,
Cincinnati OH
"When do we meet in Washington, DC? I'm ready NOW ...and I know many others who will be willing to be there with me! We need to get a million+ citizens to show up and demand action from the rump Congress. Save the future of America for ourselves, our children and our grand-children!"

Theresa Joyce-Harris
Indianapolis Indiana

Jim Maxwell,
Pilot Point TX
""We the People" need to take back our government and country from "they the corporations and corrupt elites""

David Vislay,
Oregon Ohio

Jamie Bartlett
Santa Rosa Beach FL

ellen allen
melrose florida

Andrew Nessel
Minneapolis MN

joyce corrington
sierra vista AZ

Joshua Blanchfield
Hartford CT

Peter Dimitriou,
Grand Rapids MI
"We must have economic progress and justice in America!!!"

Roy & Andrea Hitt,
Winchester Center CT
"true democracy is within our grasp - we cannot fail to act and call to account our representatives in government to KEEP IT CLEAN - "

Norwalk CT

Bonnie Winterstine
Sterling VA

Granger IN

Kenwood California

George Parrish
Gardner CO

Michael C Fierst
Portland Oregon

Clint Weldon
Austin TX

christa schlosser
toronto ontario

vivian Norris

Michael Darby,
Sierra Vista AZ.
"enough is enough, if this new administration doesn't get on the ball within weeks, its time for drastic measures. "

Ellin Stiteler
Gillette Wyoming

carla tevelow
wilmington nc

Janet Quinn
Lacey Washington

Peggy Luhrs,
Burlington Vermont
"stop the bonuses and payments to wall street execs who caused this meltdown. Anybody who ever built a house knows you start at the foundation not the top. We need to build an ecological economy that works with nature and encompasses all the people especially women who are at the bottom and whose caring work is not compensated though it keeps us all alive."

Jeanne Lafferty
Cambridge MA

Beth Lauren
NewYork Freyja Films LLC NY

Anne George,
pittsburgh st. vrain valley community watchdogs PA
"The 0 billion bailout is total bullshit. I want that money used used for an alternative energy industry and universal healthcare."

Dexter X

Richmond VA

Tracey Mitchell,
Saskatoon SK
"Don't let "Yes We Can!" ring hollow when Obama inherits a bare cupboard!"

Robert Barbour,
Clackamas OR
"Billions for health and education, not billionaires."

Brian F Koch
Chester NY

Julia Hall
Damascus OR

Kim Glidden
Plano Tx

Boston MA

Rhonda Bush
Colorado Springs CO

Norton Lovold
Bismarck North Dakota

Williams Andrew Gibbens,
Johnson City Emmanuel School of Religion TN
"As a Christian seminary student preparing either for further academic work of a life in ministry, I stand with the poor, the lowly, the outcast, and overlook."

Judy Christianson,
Eau Claire Private citizen WI
"Our voices must drown out the influence of corporate power and control in government. Power to the people! "

Don and Betsy Abbott
Andover MA

Amesville OH

Roberta Frye
Culver City, CA CA

Edmund Weisberg
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Michael Kanter,
Madison WI
"Wake up America! Yes We Can! Now is the time."

Michael Mahoney

MW Anderson,
Parkland FL
"It is time to apply critical science to our markets, rather blindly accepting the "faith-based" economic policies foisted on us by the son of a failed sweatshop owner."

Jeffrey M Kisling,
Palo Alto CA
"Now on to the work required. There is much repair to be done."

Maureen Dolan,
Chicago Illinois
"YES! Homeland Earth! Joy and Justice! Let's build the biggest people's movement!"

Michael Mandel
Port Washington NY

Dianne Varga
Vernon Canada

Larry Dolan
Plattsburgh Resonator New York

Barbara Anastasia
La Jolla CA

Richard Valentine
San Francisco California

Andre' Blouin
Wilmington NC

Eric Barth
Kerrville None Texas

Carmen n'ha Lydia,
Idanha Oregon
"we need to explore the idea of a Fair Tax. Go to for information about this plan. It's probably not perfect, but has some merit. Yes, we can."

Diane Beaulaurier
Placerville CA

santa fe nm

St. Paul MN

Jim Varn,
Greenwood MS
"Stop free market socialism! Say no to socialization of debt and privatization of profit."

Laraine Flemming,
Northford Connecticut
" Happy as I am about Obama's election, I think we do have to be vigilant that he sticks to his campaign promises since, god knows, the sharks will be circling trying to maintain the bastion of power and privilege, which started to be built under Reagan and reached a pinnacle of plunder and corruption under Bush. They aren't going to give up easily so neither should we."

Nancy Gadzuk
Wilmington North Carolina

Madeline Goldstein
Chicago IL

Jeanmarie Simpson,
Los Angeles WILPF CA
"Let's make it stick this time!"

New Haven STM Mossouri
"Let the fat cats work out their own problems. Help the guy at the bottom!"

Edmonton Alberta

Michael Angevine
Idanha Oregon

Jeff Goldman
Culver City CA

Monmouth Illinois
"Slavery, Pollution, and Endless War are the inevitable manifestations of so called "Free Market Capitalism.""

Ross Tanenbaum
Kamuela HI

Mentor Individual Ohio
"Single payer national health care for every citizen!!! Investment in solar and wind energy with tax incentives for individuals (not just businesses) that are significant enough to make conversion to green energy living affordable!! Invest in a public transportation infrastructure to rival that of European countries allowing us to compete!!Re-structure the public education system so funding and standards are handled at the Federal level (as in other democracies) so everyone has access to the same educational opportunities. A high school diploma should mean the same thing no matter where in the country it was earned."

Amanda Youngbar,
Severn MD
"green new deal!"

Doug Hanscom
Baltimore GM Autoworker Maryland

Jordan Alexander Terrell
Jacksonville Florida

Ian Iverson,
Royal Oak` MI
"The answer is socialism. Environmental, democratic socialism. Just as power naturally belongs to the masses, so does wealth! The environment is public property, and every time corporations treat it like private property, it is a crime against the planet and all life on it. The masses have the right to determine how their wealth is used, and have the right to protect their environment. The fact that people are forced to pay for clean water is a towering monument to the failure of the free market system. This is not a solution to the crisis; the real crisis is the permanent ecological damage that must not occur in the first place."

Barbara Wynroth
Burlington Vermont

Tracey Noblette,
Media concerned citizen PA
"The UK did it correctly. Why not the US??"

Eugenia Aledo
New York New York

von robinson
wappingers falls ny

Diana Fisher
Pittsburgh PA

Phillip R, DeBice,
Longwood retired firefigther Florida
"yes, we can!"

Baltimore MD

Carl Gendvil`
Staten Island NY

Justin Ripley
Seattle Washington

Jason Stewart
Toronto ON

Eric Schwing,
Richmond Va
"Corporate socialism is really corporate fascism where social wealth is class configured by the state and corporations through class tyranny. Stop Fascism by stopping Corporate thugs"

Bill Buchner,
Idleyld Park Oregon
"Green jobs and retraining now!"

Andrew Kusatsu
San Diego CA

William Lundine
Lansing MI

Stuart Shadwell
Chicago IL

bill hay,
Soquel California
"Our fight is just beginning - and the Rahm Emanuel appointment says we are already losing."

Andrew Riplinger
Chicago IL

Allen Welsch
Seattle WA

Ildikó Kalapács
Spokane WA

Christ P. Davis
Milwaukee Wisconsin

Andrew Curtis
Jamaica Plain MA

Short Hills NJ

Tom Stephens,
Detroit National Lawyers Guild Michigan
"Foreclosure relief & prevention, a Green New Deal, massive stimulus to the real economy for living wage jobs, and prosecution of bankster frauds"

Germantown Naomi Kline Organization MD
"It's time to stop the profiteering."

Saint Clair MI
"Trickle-down is a failure! Nourish the grass-roots!"

Donald Dye
St Petersburg FL

Middletown CA

Amrita Burdick
Kansas City Missouri

Connie M. Canney
Alachua Florida

Aaron A
Washington citizen DC

mike townsend,
springfield il.
"Stop this grand theft and win the support of a huge majority of ordinary citizens! Talk about an opportunity to build a new coalition! You want to set the national tone,this is a gift from God that will only come one time--NOW!!"

Derek Schmidt
San Francisco CA

John Waltz,
Princeton NJ
""Bankers" (the Boards, not just the CEO's) who have signed onto and accepted bailout funds from the Treasury are, right out of the block, stuffing their pockets and defiant about it when questioned about inappropriate use of taxpayer funds when it should be used for lending. They state it is for the "previous quarter" not the period in question. Well, if the last quarter was so great to allow bonuses, they do not need a bailout! Congress must step in and have a direct oversight committee to approve every transaction proposed by Treasury. Stop the treasonous pillaging now! Extend balout restrictions to ALL executives of financial institutions accepting Treasury assistance."

Mark Lindahl
Des Moines Iowa

Mark Wenberg
Chester Virginia

Atiya Ahsan
Minneapolis MN

Bosley Hiss
Cambridge MA

Raymond King
Long Beach CA

Vancouver British Columbia

Minneapolis MN


Rob Parker,
Buckhannon WV
"Don't forget that Obama's top contributors where Wall Street, and the Democrats were just as complicit (in fact even more enthusiastic about approving the bailout) as the Republicans in all of this. All power to the people!!!"

"si si puedo!"

Goshen New York
"When the Twin Towers were in their throes of collapse I thought, hm, there go the towers of casino capitalism, now maybe we'll get some relief. But no, the plunder still goes on."

William G. Prettie,
Edmonton Alberta
"Yes, now is the time to rewrite the social contract."

John Neal
Charlotte NC

Patricia Williamson
Seattle WA

Bend Oregon

Jonathan Cook
Saint Paul Minnesota

Meg Brookover,
"We are All One People."

Kathy Manley
Albany NY

Lee Herman
Las Cruces NM

Molly Tuttle
Gorham Maine

Salt Lake City n/a Utah
"Keep it rolling."

James Pillsbury,
Derby Western Austalia
"American in Australia"

Sondra Alcantara,
Bethpage NY
"Important work to be done. Let`s get to it!"

Bill Heckler,
Lakewood Dis CO
"I am glad to see this website and I hope it can make a difference."

Fletcher NC
"Stop the madness!!!"

Los Angeles California

Jeni DeMarco
Nunda NY


Robert Werme,
Woodbury CT
"We have to put a tournaquet on this engineered hemorrage of the common wealth!"

marvin cohen & sally hayes,
walnut creek mt.diablo peace & justice center ca.
"support truth by investigating the many lies & crimes of the bush gang & indict for true justice for all support truth-investigate many lies & crimes of bush gang & indict, fine, & imprison to show the world that justice for all is not just rhetoric "

Doug Tarnopol
Cranston RI

Trudy Quaif
Delmar New York

Will Azada,
Knoxville TN
"Corporatism must STOP! Back to democracy for the people and by the people. "

Lisa Douglas,
"Stop the unregulated bailout of Wall St! Don't allow the laundering of your tax dollars by Bush and Co. to go ahead without regulations that stipulate how the billions can be used. Read the Shock Doctrine while you're at it."

David Veith,
New Braunfels TX
"Tragedy and Hope? Another US air raid on a wedding party in Afghanistan as we celebrate the election: Please let us finally put an end to this insanity"

Larry Dicken
Secaucus New Jersey

Kevin Millsip
Vancouver Check Your Head

Lola Dalrymple
New York NY

Susan Sico,
Menlo Park CA
"We need to organize and work for the right change, one that will benefit everyone."

Lisa Asagi
Honolulu Hawaii

brett Ader
Tallahassee Fl

John Capillo
Berea KY

Terry Erickson,
San Francisco CA
"Stop corporate "bankruptcy" from ripping off the American people!"

Lambert Rochfort
Seattle WA

New York NY

Phil Howell,
Brownsville citizen, soldier, patriot Texas
"I'm proud to be an American - not Democrat, not Republican, not black, not white, not brown - just an American who loves my country as stated in the Declaration of Independence: "...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, ..." Let's roll up our sleeves and start working for America and all Americans."

Susan Tomlinson
London Freelance

Annie Levine
Saoc ME

Lew Church,
Portland PSU Progressive Student Union Oregon
"Support a Main Street Bailout! Extend unemployment benefits from 39 to 52 weeks. Expand food stamps. Have Congress also enact a second stimulus check to workers. Globally, per Naomi Klein/Medea Benjamin's organizing, support human rights, with a specific target. Boycott Coke-Odwalla for human rights and labor rights in Colombia -- the SINALTRAINAL Boycott. NYU, DePaul, Rutgers, Univ. of Illinois, Bryn Mawr and Smith, so far, have kicked Coke off campus!"

John Voorhees
Santa Fe NM

Don Marshall,
VAncouver B.C.
"Yes we can!"

Tom Marcinko,
Phoenix AZ

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