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Subprime Authority & Supreme Arrogance

 Failing Masterplans and Jurisdictions

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    U.S. State-Corporate Crime Brokerage:  


    Under the eye and watch of We the People, delinquent lenders and leaders are actively encouraged by the US Treasury Department to create a new financing vehicle called M-LEC*, bailing out the general moral fallout by avoiding the responsibilities of speculators' risk. The Nobel Prize in economic science was recently (oct, 2007) rewarded for work on social-economic mechanism design theory:  on the creation and development of sophisticated explanation of the interaction among individuals, markets and institutions. Please compare with Modular Totalitarism of the combined diktatpolitik & embedded operational engineering of firmware technology 's influence on Incorporated governance multinational concerns.

    *Masterplan Liquidity Enhancement Conduit.  

    So the wrongs of Incorporated governance are getting worse, and best compared with architectural design, engineering and construction: if you feel wetness, you're lost!

    As in building-construction, overview is essential not to lose track of assembling things in the right place. The global enhancement of partnering international entities and national jurisdictions, however, is of a lost scope and scale in the sense of meaningful participation by most people. Necessary overview to even start searching, judging and decision-making entails a distant view scarcely found within the institutions where startegic behaviour just leads to more delay of responsible development founding sustainable insight.

    The prospect seems to be a lost resort without a free and open debate taking place. Bad-debt policy backed by banks and governments just facilitates more global crime as the new-vehicle syndrome has a footprint without direction that can't be grasped nor explained anymore.

    The plain self-fulfilling US arrogance is falling on hard times - the sooner the better. Nobody wants to take the good with the bad any longer. True delinquency, democracy and terror are becoming self-defining mechanisms catching up with the structural parliamentary deficit. Even non-investigative journalism can't get around it much longer... hopefully just before a joint-strike on Iran would take place.

    Investor capitalization and securitization schemes should find better ways to enhance world stability for their own good in the shorter time! It's running out. The game is almost over. Homegrown terror by delinquent leaders has it's roots in public-private partnerships... a fear- & greed-based constriction-technology more than a thousand tears old and invented in the Netherlands. Are you a victim of State-Corporate Delinquency? Too bad, but If in doubt, ask what we just did for your country. We will explain. Sure thing!

    We know Masterplans... and failing jurisdictions as well. It's crunch time for global crime! Need help? for the global integrated-systems solution and responsible & sustainable long-term career choices.

    The root-cause:  cheap & easy oil - easy money - easy credit - easy profit - easy crime - -

    M-LACK of Confidence:  Structural Mitigation Default (SMD) due to Federal Delinquency and Oversight Disorder.

    The financial fee-market is winning the upbill battle of ideas on the globally juridificated playingfield with the help of scientized guesswork, the lecagy of the Greenspam era.

    Don't buy it! Stop it! America needs help.

    Sudden Wealth Curse

    10 months ago: Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, and the Netherland's Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, left, enter a hall for a signing of documents ceremony in the Moscow Kremlin, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007, with Dutch gas company Nederlandse Gasunie NV President Marcel Kramer, right, in the background. Russian and Dutch officials signed an agreement Tuesday to include Dutch gas giant Nederlandse Gasunie NV in the Baltic Sea pipeline designed to bypass several European countries and ship Russian gas directly to Germany. 


    Banks and the credit crunch

    Stepping beyond subprime

    Jan 10th 2008 | NEW YORK
    From The Economist print edition

    Only Panglossians think that the sector is over the worst

    Illustration by Satoshi Kambayashi

    THE dawning of a new year is supposed to be about hope, but fear remains the dominant emotion among bankers. This week saw another round of bloodletting as they grappled with the effects of the credit crunch. Barclays Capital and CIBC joined the long list of lenders to jettison senior investment bankers. And, to nobody's surprise, Jimmy Cayne stepped down as boss of Bear Stearns, the Wall Street bank with the hedge-fund problems that arguably marked the start of the crisis last June.



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