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Intelligent Resign

Anti-grouping                                                   The benefits of not taking part.                                          

The pandemic lack of notion, direction and overview obscuring global damage, pollution and costs might seem minor matter to many involved in organised functions such as institutions like governments and international organizations, even most ngo's.

Challenging super-power and supra-structures therefore remains the foremost democratic objective to establish a moral-development environment for real change, security, accountability, transparency, safety and equality.

That's why we design a global framework where liquidity, dynamics, chaos and dislocation become a natural given again and make people think and comprehend before they act and even keeps them thinking while acting... local and/or global.

Because energy and natural & human resources define our social-economic environment on the planet's scope and scale, we are convinced that the U.S. supremacy should be countered by dislodging the dollar-pegged  euro first, separating oil and gas markets to trigger fair competition and responsible development of a sustainable globalization where growth is defined on a human scale rather than a fee-market system chasing people and seeding desperation all over...


mercoledì, 11 luglio 2007

medusa illusa  

Non ricordo cosa pensassi quel solo che dentro di me un'impressione era nitida..ero certa di averla già vista nei miei sogni . Quella creatura faceva parte di me, era sempre stata nascosta in un qualche angolino del mio subconscio,microscopico tatuaggio.

Ora la potevo vedere fluttuare tra i miei occhi inespressivi e la finestra chiusa...concentrata com'ero, nemmeno mi rendevo conto di ciò che accadeva intorno..niente più ticchettio dell'orologio,niente vociare...niente di niente...

Eravamo solo io e lei.. lei ed io

Capii una cosa..

Non ero mai stata sola.


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