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The res publica subdued to modern times of democratic wrongdoing: the constitutional democracy under P3-management and public relations not serving the common and public cause of the greater good any more, hence the endemic parliamentary deficit wilfully sustained with supreme crime, informationterror and high treason by public top-officials like irresponsible justices, diplomats and presidents.

Derived from politeia, meaning polis - citizen(ship) - citizenry - civitas - constitution - how a polis is run - system of government - state organisation - form of government - regime - cicero: res publica - de re publica, the constitutional democracy or Republic.

proliteia's goal: explaining promoted and sponsored life and rules setting back freedom, liberty and real change and progress for the greater good of all peoples.

proliteia's inforum aims for responsible social-economic rethinking, understanding and global rebalancing while assessing the role and rule of states that fail to enhance a sustainable democratic process based on proper conduct, after explaining the globalizing P3-paradigm of incorporated governance provoking the parliamentary deficit as defined by xxell's independent investigations: 

 :++  State-corporate crime


The randomness of human nature.

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Grasp the momentum to get to grips with the moment you should have acted.









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