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EU & Israel under US-constriction



1963:     longterm pipeline lock-in contracts with Europe: 


EUROPEAN  NEW             TEAM   

More likeley than not...

.Exxell on known & understood terrorism, global democratic wrongdoing, parliamentary deficit, incorporated governance and the world-wide P3-doctrine.

Technology foreknowledge understood, practised and implemented.

The U.S. Trojan Horse in the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 1963... explained next: unravelling 50 years  of Europe's untrue attitude of cowarddry, diplomatic supreme crime and judicial high treason fearing U.S. rejection being structurally subdued to the easy money virus of modern times... of claims and greed.

Watch what Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil and Putin are saying in the news:

... and realize how Europe and Israel are not 'important issues' as they are already constricted and thus don't really matter.


US stranglehold  of EU stronghold

Global leadership:

The hidden European submission -1963- to the USAgenda in the light of natural resources development and energy-markets securities: from structural white rethoric to substantial greenwash.

High foreknowledge technology:

Oil-based terror and industrial dominance abuse extensively based on disinformation aggressively abusing the foreknowledge economy positions under the guise of international public-private contract schemes deliver a world-wide brainwash and untrue attitude of ignorance sustaining the feeling of having no access to nor impact on things happening around us.

 :++  State-corporate crime


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