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Beyond Rome: Casus Europae

original dutch title:  Weg na Rome - typologie der eenvoud.

 Beyond Rome               copyright May 11, 2006 

Photo: the author in Umbri and his element, Italy, july 1953, now an independent corporate conduct investigator and energy  analist & dissident. 'Je pense, donc je je suis comme je veut.'


Article will follow soon:   Beyond Rome - Typology of Simplicity   A western venture leaving life behind - where streamin' wages become dreams in cages.

Treaty of Rome Established the European Economic Community (EEC) and was signed by France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg on March 25, 1957.


1957 : Treaty of Rome. Origin of the envisaged European integration process, but six years later resulting in the US-seizure of public governance: cheap-oil's bigtime looting of global society:

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1963 : Gasgate,  NATO's marriage-tools* by means of the US energy-contract with Europe. Global pipeline lock-in, seizure of the free spirit, instating world-wide lax-law systems and incorporated governance dragging democratic progress: the Silent War of information-terrorism. Origin of growing world instabilty and inequality hindering social justice, fair trade, real change, security, independency, recognition, redistribution and fairness imposed by World Force One.

Compare key-document 'La condition americaine' under Gasgate 1963. *) compare the 'Can of Worms'-reports on further investigation of the Watergate scandal that would affect 'The family Jewels'.

Since 2000 : Demise of World Force One, NATO's Marriage Tools: The american dream unraveled and explained by the WSC.

 :++  State-corporate crime

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