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Exxell on the rootcause of complex and opaque governance: structural greenpace, greedpeace and greenspam following life-diluting international P3-contracts forcing the globalization of misunderstanding and distrust.


  Global Scream Paper/Global Warning  

Opaque global governance addressed by investigative journalism: analysis of the global imbalance of power and instability due to heavy industry's dominance, abusive conduct and irresponsible ethics in the global energy sector.  We question arrogance and authority world-wide in persuit of the Cheap Oil Change in politics and diplomacy. Compare with ENRON-trial video under 'Gasgate 1963'. Global Question: Who realignes the USA; Europe or Iran?

The EU Commission's Green Paper on abusive competition and market monopolies triggered this Global Screen Paper, now dubbed Scream Paper because no reaction whatsoever was received! Proudly supported by .Exxell  the 100% transparent & independent address of distinction:   Scale & Scope Scandal in the global context, perspective and coherence.                    

Real time acts now  bring a bigger case against Exxon and Shell in Houston, US & the EU: watch 'Enwrong trial' for latest update on Skillings sentencing and new video is coming soon!


                                                        GLOBAL WARNING


 Exxon Task Force

W.S.C.            anti-trust phase global industrieal dominance:

s e r v i n g  t r u t h,  t h a t  t r u t h  m a y  s e r v e

Updated:  June 1, 2007.

Please compare with most recent disclosure of key-document of gasgate 1963: 'La transformation de l'industrie du gaz aux Pays-Bas' under La Condition Americaine.

This report and document of independent analysis was registered with the European Commissioner Competition, Ms. Neelie Kroes and European Commissioner Energy, Mr. Andris Piebalgs but subsequently excluded, censured and not published unlike all other (institutional!)comments to the Commission's Discussion Paper and Green Paper: the very abusive exclusionary conduct she pretends to counter. Please read and judge for yourself!

Europaque reports independently and deals with nontransparent governance, vague transatlantic public-private relations and subsequent 'íncorporated governance': corporate arrogance ruling public ignorance. Focusing on diplomatic abusive conduct dictating energy-policy resulting in strategic political behavior that is causing the parliamentary deficit and the failing state of the democratic process we feel obliged to proclaim the Right of Law: 100% transparent lawmaking and open public debate & interchanging ideas for real progress and transition towards social-economic stability. We love


Article 82 Review

Commissioner Kroes: " I will rigorously enforce the Treaty's prohibition on abusive conduct. Dominant companies should allowed to compete effectively. Putting this policy objective into a consistent legal and economic framework is an ambitious project, but it is worthwhile for the clarity it will give to companies and their advisers. Our fundamental aim is to ensure that the EU's powers to intervene against monopoly abuses are applied consistendly and effectively, not only by the Commission but also by national competition agencies and courts throughout the EU which also now apply EU competution law. This discussion paper is the first step, and I want a wide discussion before taking a firm view on the proposals in the paper and before deciding how best to apply the results of these discussions. The Commission is inviting comments from any interested party on the present discussion paper by 31 March 2006. Comments will be published on the website of the EC". (end quotes)

Letter of May 24, 2006 from the EC president's office responding to a request to publish the registered document '' on the European Commission's website as envisaged (see intention above)

Barroso's Kroesifix :

if only the flag flutters!

Dear Mr. Tychon,

President Barroso has asked me to reply to your email to him of 28 April, 2006.

I confirm that the Commission and its services received your email of 21 March 2006, entitled 'submission comments Green & Working Papers'. After analysing its content, we consider that the email does not address or discuss the legal and substantive issues raised by the Green Paper on damages actions for breach of the EC antitrust rules, nor those raised by the DG Competition discussion paper on the application of Article 82 of the Treaty to exclusionary abuses. I have therefore decided not to publish your email on either of our websites dealing with the Green Paper or DG Competition discussion paper.

I hope for your understanding.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Albers


Dutch Duality Counsel Tychon addresses European Commission on Foreclosure and Exclusionary Issues during the Public Discussion of 14 June in Brussels:

Report and comments by the Benelux Duality Council on the application of Article 82 Discussion Paper to exclusionary abuses and antitrust regulation at the EU-Conference organised by the European Commissioner Competition, Ms Neelie Kroes, based on the submission to the Competition Directorate of the Global Screen Paper:

The address based on censure by the Commission e.i. non-publication of this paper was simultaniously translated and streamed live over the Commission's website around the world:

Statement by DC Tychon:

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Benelux Duality Council is a 100% independent and transparent non-institutional organization ( investigating global public-private partnerships (GP3). I think not publishing commets asked for is the most prominent example of institutional exclusionary conduct at hand today.

The Duality Council submitted two global and valid legal cases on abusive conduct: Tychon vs. Dell Inc. and Tychon vs. ExxonMobil Corp., the most aggeressive icons of global industrial dominance were censured by you, Ms. Kroes. Mr. Barroso had already 'analysed' my Global Screen Paper - which is available at - before you dare to conclude. I hereby urge you to publish and follow up on this document for the common good of all european citizens.

For now you set the pace and chance for global and european progress and change with poor prospect: governing by surprise clearly indicates 'incorporated governance'. We need a War on Error because the scope of industial dominance scandals provokes budget crime and failing states on a global scale. You promote error, not a change of conduct... it' a scandal!

Europe is no Island where vague and vacuous governance could easily and secretly sustain the public-private partnership doctrine indefinitely. You should weigh 100% weight of the cake!

We urgently need a European Code of Conduct on Public Governance. Thank you".

N.B. The EC's Director-General Competition Policy and the conference's Chairman, Philip Lowe answered my address as follows: "You can only rely on, or still have public access to the 'due process of law', but thank you for pointing out the need for 100% transparency and further procedural remarks'.

Mr. Lowe friendly and properly admitted he knew the content of the Duality Council's submission when asked for later that day. Ms. Neelie Kroes though insisted she was not aware of the europaque document, but promised to follow up on it, when asked after she ended the Conference with her concluding remarks.

Unfair advantage and unbalance between plaintiffs and defendants in judgement processes asks for access to dynamic case-lawmaking as opposed to established case-law and due lax law.

We have never received any response from Ms. Kroes.

During the afternoon session of the antitrust conference, chaired by Lars-Hendrik ROELLER, Chief Economist, I countered the following statement of prof. Jonathan L. Rubin, J.D., Ph.D., Attorney / Economist and Senior Research Fellow of the American Antitrust Institute (AAI)( : "The true inter-continental divide is about the role of economics" with my point of view: "The true transatlantic divide and problem is about the role of energy-politics and the inter-continental public-private energy tangle, the foundation for abusive conduct. Don't you think so" ?

"That's beyond my paygrade and expertise" Mr. Rubin answered! Later, while discussing the matter privately, Mr Rubin aknowledged that the subject was very very complex, but he didn't mean to be rude. Also, he was complimented by others for his new, clear and sound address to the European Commission that day.


WSC's Global Screen Paper .EC to Neelie Kroes and Andris Piebalgs, EC-Commissioners of Competition and Energy. Monopoly-abuse and Antitrust comments to EC 'Green Paper'. I hereby request confirmation of receipt and registration of this document and propose an open public discussion of the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 concerning transatlantic public-private relations and foreign affairs. Please respond to Stephan GM Tychon, european energy-stakehoder activist & chief officer of change of the WSC:

Truth or consequences of screened conduct

'EQuality of Justice'

About International Markets and National Laws:

Why states fail and democracy kills (United we stand a loan).

Global organized crime ( and hidden democratic process.

Parliamentary deficit: the lack of legal mandate, (international) law, coherence and overview.

Government misconduct and ignorance related to Corporate aggression, intimidation and arrogance.

IP-War on Error (Who owns What?)

Power-grab 1963 (Gasgate / Pipeline lock-in)...transatlantic public-private conspiracy fraud U.S. and Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Public-Private Partnership Doctrine: underlying foundation of the European 'Construction' & 'Constitution'.

Unilateral U.S. imperial mercantilism.

Access to oil & gas evidence and substance.

Private pressure and public discontent.

(Ear-)marked Markets and Lax Law versus reserves scandals and budget crime: incorporated governance, a global and growing problem.

Case studies: The Enron Complexxon, 'Casus Europae' and P3 Gasunie.

Law overruled: Enron trial, distrial of the century. See above sketch by Pat Lopez /photo Associated Press: Jeff Skilling on the stand in Houston Texas, April 2006.

Further focus on China's supplies versus U.S. demand (who is in command?)

U.S. barbarism versus EU incompetence:

Lay forced to lie and die by God knows..

IN MEMORIAM July 5, 2006.

Kenneth Lay, found guilty of conspiracy fraud in federal court in Houston. As a very experienced industial, Lay was very well aware of the global energy-constellation and overwhelming market-pressure by No. One, ExxonMobil... we still wonder if he ever would have explained Enron's Complexxon! Lay started his career as an economist with Exxon Corp in 1965 and 'changed the energy markets around the world' as he testified during the Enron trial in Houston.

"If only the flag flutters"... a global transition paper and shock felt around the world.

European .EC document on tanked conscienceness and moral intuition, persistent global greenlighted green-spam, greed-power, national public failure and international private control. Smoking gun of the global energy system: tangled stockpile of layering law & crime, civil confusion and legal incompetence: the silently imposed information-maze and shopping-chores for individual security and protection: no-choice consumer-resposibility without state-accountability nor responsibility. The absolute guarantee for disappearing consumer service, evergrowing wealth-care and social-economic instability world-wide.

REGISTERED PUBLIC INPUT, BUT NOT PUBLISHED BY THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION, "COMMITTED TO A BROAD PUBLIC DEBATE" AS SHE SUGGESTS: Gasgate 1963 is the first-hand and prominent disclosure of the best-kept top-secret for over 40 years in the global energy-industry; about government misconduct, ignorance and budget crime related to corporate arrogance, pressure, intimidation and aggression without any transparency or independent assessment whatsoever: the american 'contract with Europe' - the architecture, engineering and construction of global industrial dominance with pre-science 'teknowlogy'... the pre-science economy of incorporated governance. The world's first and Dutch Gasunie-related P3/energy-transition from coal to natural gas was void of any rectifier-mechanism and largely conditioned the tangle of post-war institutional behavior and strategic corporate conduct that led to the state of confusion and error the western world now is in.


Global organized crime / leading criminal charges based on transatlantic public-private conspiracy fraud and global dominance in the heavy-industry energy-sector against the relevant parties named hereafter.

Direct and absolute claims: action for damages to pay for EU-reconstruction, rehabilitation and stabilization in order to be able to compete effectively with american economic fundamentalism and/or addressing & redressing the U.S. roots of this global problem - that have infected and destabalized the european social-economic balance - simultaneously.

Fraud upon the public : the total lack of whatever open effective and/or fundamental debate in the European Union, the Netherlands and Maastricht. Compare casus van der Linden hereafter.I hold Mr. van der Linden personal responsible for the European public disorder.

Buffalo Bayou, River Oaks. Houston, Texas.

To Ms. Neelie Kroes EU-Commissioner for competition, and Mr. Andris Piebalgs, EU-Commissioner for energy, any and all other stake-holders and otherwise interested parties or individuals to whom it may concern be it known: serving truth, that truth may serve. Contact:

Global Screen Paper / What you know?!!

'Window on the World'. A global view from behind the scene: the .EC Screen Paper evolving from GLOBAL GREED PAPER C.E as of April 1, 2006: 'Actions for damages' / Antitrust Article 82: comparetative, independent global energy investigations, comments and complaints related to civic righteousness, ethics of conduct and integrity. For official complaints, this .EC Screen Paper will evolve into the final Scream Paper .EU! after April 21 when this .EC-Paper is being submissed to the European Commission, DG Energy and Competition to further define what trouble, error and terror really is all about.

The EU-solution for the U.S.-problem: a mecano for a dead dynamo in the desert...the unsustainable dream of 'self'; a War on Error: IT-error. 'Democracy-building' unraveled! Tool: 0/1 -junction brain rectifier: knowing What & Why realigning the dots. The new machination of the european sharin'dex by Exxell.

Gasgate 1963: U.S. Power-Grab & Dutch Deceit:

Liberty's End. Scale & Scope of the Scandal-economy : extreme, global, fundamental, industrial energy-market forces of collective P3-dominance imposed and superpositioned on political power / abuse of authority under pressure of aggressive corporate conduct... 'AIR-FORCED ONE' EXPLAINED: THE OIL, GAS, COAL & STEEL HEGEMONY OF U.S. MONOPOLY-INTRUDERS AND PERIL OF ANTI-DEMOCRATIC IMPERIAL POWER: THE DISASTROUS DOWNFALL OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION OF INHERITED ETHICS OF UNIMPEACHABLE INTEGRITY.

Photo: Former Enron Chairman Ken Lay (R) greets energy activist Stephan Tychon as he waits to cross the street to Federal Court in Houston April 18, 2006. REUTERS/Richard Carson. Reuters-Apr.18, 8:52 AM

   It's cheap oil, stupid !  

... and the source where your easy money is coming from, killing real progress, innovation, change and fair play: 'stolen land and resources' all over, sustained by hidden information. The above message is addressed to the leading oil-addicts of this world and specially to Rene van der Linden, President of the Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, who has no clue whatsoever of the Problem and/or (forcedly?) hides the Key of the Solution. Mr van der Linden is personally screened by ir. SGM Tychon - his countryman (Nuth, Limbourg) who cares enough to share - and will be pictured, framed and nailed in due time. It's about time for a Big (Oil) Change to make 'incorporated governance' come to an end and instate Equality of Justice for good!

This paper must include all essential reseach and actions taken for development of the greater good, reflected and found on under 'Dualiteitsraad': explaining the gap between the cost of compliance and the costs of complaints versus the benefits for society in search of the rationale for a code of conduct, effective governance and source of behaviour in the widest scope possible to counter the fundamental lack of law and overview/insight.

Main subject to be evaluated: the EC's high-level, top-profile and low-class actions compared with low-profile, top-level and high-class actions of the WSC related to Exxell-futures' foresight while wondering why the right thing is left.(unimpeachable integrity) The goal is to define the Big Question and if the European Solution can really be the answer for the American Problem: 'Grouping' versus 'Screened Crowds".

Rule of Fact & Information : Real Time Acts!

STEVE UECKERT: HOUSTON CHRONICLE :Former Enron Chairman Ken Lay talks to the media about surgery that his lead lawyer Mike Ramsey will undergo Wednesday.

'More Europe where IT matters': One Big Oil Change to Gas! I=CT (information = communication x time...) To the European Commission, B-1049 Bruxxelles. Office: J70-COMP-Greffe Antitrust. T: +32 229 630 69 F: +32 229 501 28

Subject: Response Public Consultation EC's 'Green Papers' Competition and Energy... countering a semantic puzzle of phasing, phrasing and framing with two simple tools: hidden pre-science and uncommon sense.

'The law' is the problem; less it's enforcement, but it's makers more so.

Definition matters: abusive wording without relevant context and comparitive definitions are creating and amassing further confusing for a reason: to claim and prevent sharing...ready for more conflict; that's the way 'doing business' has evolved to.

The energy-complexxon of inherited and fundamental greed has become examplary degeneration of what big industry once was: an era of unimpeachable integrity and high business repute... the address of distinction has been sold out for good while nobody wonders why anymore. Moral intuition as a compass for fair and honest behavior made place for corporate pressure helped by settled law-systems, nobody can escape anymore.

Legal basis of Position Paper / Global Greed Paper C.E : Comments and Complaints (Form-C) regarding sector inquiry pursuant to Article 17 of Council Regulation (EC) 1/2003 of 16 December 2002 on the implementation of the rules on competition laid down in Articles 81 and 82 of the Treaty, OJL1, 04.01. 2003 - in the European electricity and Gas markets: COMP/B-1/39172 (electricity sector inquiry) and COMP/B-1/39173 (gas sector inquiry) Electricity and Gas Directives 2003/54-55/EC.

I hereby request to make oral statements before the hearing-officer, under Article 19 of Council Regulation (EC) 1/2003, for the purpose of Article 17, namely giving effect to Articles 81 and 82 of the EC Treaty, either on their own or in conjuction with Article 86 of the EC Treaty, and further coherence and overview in adittion to this Global Greed Paper C.E of the WSC -an extra-governmental organization.

Photo's of different world-press agencies are added for better contextual understanding: Real Time Acts "Energy & Global Greed related Crime" by Stephan Tychon during the Enron trial, Houston, Texas, March & April 2006:

Photo publicated in Tuesday's, March7, 2006 'Houston Chronicle': SHADOWED: Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling, right, and his attorney Daniel Petrocelli are followed by a sign-carrying protester as they return from lunch on Monday. The protester, Stephan Tychon of the Netherlands, says he is a former energy analist and has been outside the courthouse for the past two weeks. His sign refers to a website that is purportedly "committed to promoting & revealing truth".

Same photo, Melissa Phillip, Houston Chronicle reports: "Attorney Daniel Petrocelli, left, and former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling return to the courthouse after lunch break Monday. They were followed across the street by demonstrator Stephan Tychon of Maastricht, Netherlands who says he is an energy analyst and has a web site".

On 'Article 82 review' DG-Competition's open consultation: position paper on exclusionary abuse-related covert corporate conduct within the global energy system (carbon conduct) of the WSC, including position-taking on the European Commission's 2006 report on the application of council regulation 1407/2002 on state aid to the coal industry, foreseen by article 11 of that regulation, to the benefit of all peoples, not just (corporate) citizens.

A firm view: NEWS-generation of continiously evolving, independent, investigative 'global context' reporting!

DISCLAIMER: Intellectual Property of WSC on global land-property based conflicts of 'terrortory' - special - interests may harm or influence your perception of life and authority, sense of freedom and acts of liberty. Please send Email prior to reading to stating 'I waive & won't claim'.

Informative communications and notifications persuiant to the respective EU's Commissioners' open consultations on abusive conduct regarding industrial monopolies and dominant market positions, brought into global context by the Benelux Duality Council, independent Chamber for Stabilty of the WSC, Looiersgracht, 1 Maastricht. Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Staff discussion paper comments 'designed to promote a debate' (DG-Competition wording) 'following an open and transparent procedure' (DG-Energy and Transport wording) The first question of the editor is: What percentage of 'transparency'?

Global Control Pictured & Transparency 'defined':

Preamble framed: ExxonMobil investments 2001-2005: U.S.$76 billion, as advertised March 2006, suggesting that's the whole pie while 'translating' / converting money into percentages, clearly explaining global confusion, neglection, arrogance and ignorance combined... leaving 24 '%' out in the open to guess... now that's what Corporate Transparency is all about: candid information-terror... not telling you what 100% is like: cristal-clear every-day factual & physical evidence only recognized by the few who still really care.

Preliminary statement: "If Lee Raymond, ex-ceo of ExxonMobil is not guilty of fraud, deceit and corruption, then nobody is.

Action for damages: 'Real Time Acts' Houston/Enron trial:

Ap Associated Press: Former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay, left, looks straight ahead as he walks to the federal courthouse for his fraud and conspiracy trial Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2006, in Houston. Stephan Tychon holds the placard in the background. (Ap Photo Pat Sullivan)

Most recommended Photo by the International Press of all taken until now: 70+ votes!!

.Evolving Doc-link: : The controversial battle of ideas, patents and other intellectual property rights and authorities' claimed 'intelligence' and other semantic confusion sustaining law and border bundling: the lure of law and budget crime, open markets' frasing while framing political power and aggressive authority by military force.

Stand-alone Action: WSC's antitrust phase unbundling while EQuality is pending to recover damages and restore stability and social-economic fairness, inclusive fair trade and free movement of thougts, expressions and deeds.

Timely submission of 'GREEN PAPER'-comments evolving into official complaints submissed by use of 'Form C' in due time and to be used by the Staff to optimize top-level discussion.

"Statement of Grounds for raising Objection and performing Obstruction", including the claim in my name that publication without mentioning the related and filed content of this website, , will deliver breach of intellectual property and will harm the results of research and analysis on industrial dominance and global control by the Duality Council Benelux of the WSC, Maastricht, Looiersgracht 1, near Bruxxelles.


Comparing the New World's Conflict Order of the House of Oil with the Old World's Competition Model, l'Usine a Gaz'.

Submission of integrated, combined and fundamental Comments, Consultation & Complaints by ir. Stephan GM Tychon, c.o.c. of the WSC, to the European Commission's Commissioner Ms. Neelie Kroes for Competition and Mr. Andris Piebalgs for Energy, 'in parallel' initiative to better regulate corporate abuse of dominant market positions and antitrust actions for damages by parties seeking private law enforcement, for reason of effiectiveness and efficiency.

Steve Ueckert : Houston Chronicle. Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling (right) chuckels as he and his attorney Daniel Petrocelli (left) pass a reference to the onetime Enron symbol of the tilted E that was posted on a fire hydrant (lower left) as they arrive for the start of the trial on Thursday March 2.

(The sign reads 'Exxon' into the 'Enron-E' and was posted by yours truely, of course)

Exerpt Global Greed Papers on energy-related crime, fraud and aggression-linked economics of the crooked energy-Complexxon:

The War of ideas on error, trust, dominance and protection in the process of 'unification' of the internal markets of the EU: the emerging world-conflict with America's special interests 1963 'Contract with Europe' (Gasgate).

1963 : Holland forced to sell out to the U.S.

Let me context this for you: (as Alexander Haig, President Nixon's chief of staff used to say!) For 40+ years being coupled to Royal Dutch Shell and the Dutch government within the world's largest Public-Private Partnership (P3) 'Gasunie', exorbitant and most aggressive basic oil-strategies of ExxonMobil (then Esso) have determined post-war 'evolution' as well as ethical decline of western civilization clearly indicated by the late-reaction lack of public confidence and submerging ethical corporate-directed political decline vs. state and law failure overall.

The thus prevented horizontalization of society, securities, welfare and business' playingfield alike, fully indicates the fundamental problems linked with efforts for 'more and 'better' democracies in parallel with stockpiling implications for the internationalization of law, freedoms and rights for people instead of so-called 'corporate citizens'.

The Common Cause of the Greater Good of the indifferent but willing remainder of international voters can only be addressed by the European Union, while taking action against american economic fundamentalism ruling the world's civilizations by political power, military force under corporate pressure (compare the shortlist: ExxonMobil - Bechtel - Halliburton - Enron - budget crime - covert conduct - information-terror ......and war.) and aggression, inducing governmental ignorance, public neglection and insult of the art of being.

This being said, challenging the Green Papers Energy and Competion of the european Commission for 'better' regulation (not collaboration!) point by point makes for a senseless and waisted excercise. Therefore I will only make remarks and give comments to the staff's working paper and the respective Commissions' Green Papers that will eventually evolve into official complaints, using 'Form C', after submitting reviewed comments, to be followed-up on this page, to the Green Papers by April 21 2006 in order to regenerate reduced minds, moral intuition and the overall lack of wit being in very short supply and having been replaced by widely spread profanity...thus enabling the search for precision and ability for the necessary technology assessments.

The dreary conditions of abused language preventing a meaningful open public debate fundamentally endanger rehabilitation of civilization and democracy alltogether.

Broad conditions of illiteracy and lack of founded arguments and assessments in the Green Papers is appalling and threatens balanced development for whatever strategic prospect globally.

The Green Papers consist of merely malaprops without any direction. Therefore, I will overrule mentioned 'Grandfather Rights' with 'Fathers' Rights' and subsequently reclaim my father's (first director of Gasunie) 'european energy agenda' of 1966, the year he gave up physical battle and left the remaining factual and physical evidence behind...only to be stolen by one Gasunie official two days later.

For reasons of WSC-strategy and timely disclosure I will elaborate on this in my official 'Form-C Complaint' when I feel this C.E document meets the standard. I indicate that George Verberg, then president of Gasunie, during a personal interview in 2003, refused the access to evidence for no other reason then 'lack of interest' and further arrogant indifference exposed. For reason of investigative research of public-private partnership-related matters I told him I would force him to perform eventually.

The main source of the transatlantic problem is inadequate Technology Assessment, partial oversight, fundamental lack of overview, national lax law systems under corporate pressure & in-house judging, ITerror, communication/parliamentary deficit, the P3-doctrine as a leading concept for lobbied law...all preventing the internationalization of law resulting from the wrong side of history, misdemeanor, crime and plain wrongdoing / greed-related corruption. This constituating / instating overall confusion and enabling further aggressive 'Marchitecture' and decline of EQuality, globalization being consolidated since 1963, the world's first energy-transition from coal to natural gas (Gasgate), rigged foresight by special interests will never loose ground unless another currency- & monetary-based world-wide energy-transition is put in place.

Only to be efficiently and effectively installed by intelligently designed EU rules that will dwarf U.S. aggression and economic fundamentalism for the world's greater good.

The urge to merge after bidding and the lure of law combined with budget crime and failing stately law-systems, frased by 'open markets' language, is only framing amassing more confusion leading to less consumer confidence. Sharing problems for common interest is the only way out...and you know it!

MELISSA PHILLIP: HOUSTON CHRONICLE. ENRON TRIAL,Monday, March 6, 2006. Fastow arrives for week six of the trial. Former Enron chairman Ken Lay and his wife, Linda Lay, talk with demonstrator Stephan Tychon of Maastricht, Netherlands as they wait to cross the street to return to the Bob Casey Federal Courthouse after a lunch break Monday.

Said and further complaints will consist of the following cases concerning corporate and/or governmental abusive covert conduct:

1. Tychon vs. Dell. Involving outright 'Corporate Trade Mark Terror' (CTMT) Compare under same on this site (

2. Tychon vs. Gasunie which includes the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in casu the vice-president of the Council of State, Tjeenk Willink for (ambtsmisdrijf), ExxonMobil (Lee Raymond) Royal Dutch Shell (Jeroen van der Veer) and George Verberg, ex-ceo of Gasunie on covert abusive conduct / 'incorporated governance' / in-house judging & State crime-lodging...including George Walker Bush for not stopping international organized P3/Gasunie-related crime.

3. Tychon vs. European Court for Human Rights for unduely abolishing 'Casus Europae' on P3-related abuse in the public domain under private pressure (Marchitecture)

4. Tychon vs. all living post-war (ex-)Prime-Ministers of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and their respective governments in connection with 'Gasgate 1963', prime-minister Jan-Peter Balkenende included.

5. Tychon vs. Rene van der Linden, President of the Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly for arrogant display and enhancement of total incompetance during public debate, while at the same time insulting yours truely by countering my statement "We want our gas back" withe the boldest response I have ever experienced: "You don't know nothing about it"!... without even asking my name or knowing who I was. Even more alerting is the fact that nobody in the public seems to relate or respond to the most outspoken and simple questions anymore. On top of that, the moderator denied time to explain position-taking. Approached after debate Mr. van der Linden strategically and immediately switched subject to a certain 'Plan lievense' that has vertually non existend connection to the stated transatlantic constellation, thus preventing any further discussion. This is how european debate is prepared and sustained: a basic top-level threat for any process regarding 'more' democracy!

General remarks and presumptions for taking position and explaining the urge to follow up on this evolving C.E-document, and integrating seperate 'Green Papers' Energy & Competition where content & coherence lacks under influence of the 'River Oaths', named after River Oaks' illustrious residential area in Houston, the world's energy-capital, constituating the...

ENRON TRIAL, Monday, March 6, 2006. Fastow arrives for week six of the trial. Mike Ramsey, attorney for former Chairman Ken Lay, walks past a demonstrator as he returned from lunch on Monday.

Screen Paper's Coat of Harms:

1. Untimely Sarbanes-Oxley mimic: a scandal-triggered consultation where no cure can be expected without knowing, understanding, recognizing and aknowledging the need for a global transition-thinkpath towards a fair and adequate energy system and basic pre-science of the determinating and imposing forces on the world's energy playing fields.

2. No global nor transatlantic context needed to explain and cure 'grandfathering rights'. Please compare under Gasgate 1963 : 'Houston Connection' and 'Industrial Dominance'.

3. Overall vague proposition and painted picture unfit for possible progress or change based on better understanding.

4. Fundamental lack of coherence and overview witout any foresight, subduing all creativity.

5. Adding and amassing confusion and lobbied policy- and law-making leading to more rules and lax law enforcement linked with less execution while hindering open public debate - specially in the transatlantic context - thus endangering the parliamentary factor of 'democracy' including the world order.(legal mandate and internationalization of law)

6. Very confusing proceedings for the layman or discouraged private parties: ignorance and neglection of public servants due to private (corporate) pressure: 'incorporated governance'.

7. Competition within the global energy system is a consolidated and integrated process linked to long-term contracts in place since the world's first energy transition from coal to gas in Europe1963, imposed and directed by U.S. pre-science technology-dominance.

8. Big Oil Changes only proceed within controlled, in-parallel, interdependent, interconnected, integrated, proportional and semi co-operative covert processes obscuring whatever desired transparency for good.

9. The only way Europe could ever lead the global energy debate is to confront american foreign policies that are simple deductions of the federal Land and Mining Act, where restricted mineral rights are the most controversial issue at hand linked to endangered liberty, freedom and private property rights due to governmental ignorance, mismanagement, budget crime and private fraud &corruption disguised by the actual Patriot Act.

10. Irresponsible and unrealistic, undefined and unrooted concept of a so-called 'Solidarity Mechanism', not explaining the economic primacy based on economic fundamentalism...a pandemic and disastrous domino-machination of the world's stability-grid in the most fundamental and broadest conception & perception possible, where redistribution, recognition, equality and social justice forever linger...

11. Overly broad and overreached statements disguised as proposals: misrepresented openings for a) a 'community-wide debate'... a total scam regarding the actual overall communication deficit and widespread information-terror, and b) an 'action plan' without a roadmap and the slightest indication of direction for open public debate nor pointing at the source of all misery, the consolidated greed-machine of cheap-oil-power: 'Via Combusta' as opposed to 'Campo Robusta' where the ethical compass is evident for anybody willing to co-operate and integrate.

12. 'Eastward bound' motivated strategies of good neighborship have come to perceive and realize a large number of people that the U.S. is no longer a 'Friendly Nation'. Therefore Europe should be prepared to instate a transition protocol for another - and again currency related - World Energy Transition (No. II) from oil-related dominance to a fifty-fifty strategy towards a global sustainable ethanol/gas-economy, flexing & stretching fuel-dependency and market-volatility towards a more horizontal world. I refer to my 'extended market transition' & 50/50-strategy of uncommon sense: basic process for slow thinking and real-time sustainable growth.

Photo Steve Ueckert, Houston Chronicle. ENRON TRIAL, Monday, March 6, 2006. Fastow arrives for week six of the trial. Former Enron Chairman Ken Lay returned from lunch on Monday during the sixth week of his fraud and conspiracy trial.


a. The wording "fundamental misrepresentation of a global problem, without the prospect of an adequate solution" would best describe your effort to determine and partly control and /or improve abusive & aggressive corporate conduct linked to dominant market positions in the european energy markets, the ultimate goal of your staff, high-level group and the DG Energy & Competition mutatis mutantis, laid down in the two respective 'Green Papers'. The inherited and greenlighted corporate greed-culture based on the american claim- and conflict order merits better explaining than merely indicating what 'grandfather rights' would consist of (dirty fare). I will elaborate on said rights hereafter.

b. World-power resulting from global control of the energy system by ExxonMobil is rooted in the world's largest International Public-Private Partnership 'Gasunie' : a 1963 contract between ExxonMobil (then Esso), Shell and the Dutch government, where pipeline lock-ins were forced upon partner Shell and Holland forcidly sold out to the United States while lacking the necessary long-distance and high-pressure technology for the european gasdistribution network, determinating european development and global positioning forever. I will elaborate on said technology, related pressure and lack of negotiations hereafter.

c. The greenwashed memory and limited resistence of people to authority is best described with the 'spindletop-down' approach, confluent with 'carwash-technology' : a top-down system where bottom-up thinking is suppressed like a natural given: even the least educated human will not wash his/her car from bottom to top. This is where market confidence and co-operation comes in and is the foundation of doing b

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