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Enwrong Cold Case

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Ex-ceo of American energy giant Enron, Jeff Skilling, answers questions in the street exclusively to your reporter from Holland - the only one who persuaded him to do so during the Enron trial in Houston - on industrial dominance being the main global problem in reference to global crime judged by a local jury.   Webstream NEWSworld of


Enron's Skilling sprung? It could happen this week

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Enroneous  collective amnesia ?

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enron_logo4.gifThe two remaining unsentenced former Merrill Lynch executives and the only Enron executive convicted of fraud and conspiracy in the Enron-related criminal trial known as

 the Nigerian Barge case are being sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Ewing Werlein in Houston 

SEC lawyer who headed Enron investigation named Enforcement Division chief

SEC.jpgThe Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer who headed the agency's investigation into Enron Corporation has been named to head its enforcement division. Here is the SEC's press release on the appointment.

Linda Chatman Thomsen, 50, will be the first woman to hold the top enforcement position at the SEC. She has been the enforcement group's deputy director since 2002 and succeeds Stephen M. Cutler, who ran the enforcement division for several years before resigning last month.

Skilling Appeals!  sept. 2007

Ken Lay, Enron, Cheney, Halliburton and patron Bush:


 judicial mischief

Jail Bush, Cheney and Lee raymond first, please!

Why would Jeff Skilling explain the global Complexxon?

While 'American Conduct' still controls the European Constriction of 1963 -based on U.S.-imposed energy fundamentals as a result of abusive post-war industrial technology advantage during the European-U.S. negotiations for the globe's first energy transition from coal to natural gas- it is only fair to conclude that Justice Lake's decision to instruct a local jury to judge the Enron case for strategic and structural P3-induced global crime, was not well-founded while lacking key-substance on arguments and essential overview regarding the basics of global greed-technology's performance- and claim-culture and incorporated governance / state-corporate crime within the financial architecture of the world's economic domain, invoking abusive industrial dominance on the global markets' supercycles and it's institutional behaviour sustaining the permanent need for strategic securitization and evermore complex and sophisticated, narrowing and limiting 'innovation' techniques hiding real risks and limiting sound opportunities for real people in a just and sustainable world with a really open, competitive but fair global economy.

Now hastely reviewing the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate governance Code of Conduct will never cure the criminal implementations and fundamentals of cheap-oil terrorism that led from war and U.S. Patriot Obsession and related addictions to a sense of superiority now defining democracy for the remainder of the world in hindsight.

Lee Raymond (ex-Exxon) being the most wanted corporated crook and aggressor, should be tried first. Let's start at the top and work from there -questioning aggressive private authority dictating ignorant, indifferent and corrupt public servants- so everybody can understand and identify themselves with the current state of affairs of responsible development and sustainable globalization in order to get rid of the ubiquitous parliamentary deficit threatening world stability and restore failing jurisdictions, to finally be able to detect collective guilt and distinct it for ourselves from the terror of growing Saudimocracy!



Enron trial & error: the enroneously exxonnerated root cause leaving more questions in search of clarity. From Enron to Sarbox and Enwrong back to Sarblox: the neverending story of bipolar judicial judgement due to the epidemic western adulthood mental disorder. How the structural patchwork nature of the judiciary and federal failure endangers global civilization. Enron's behavior... a case in progress towards the proper global context is the prime candidate for review and better definition of whatever code of conduct or ethics of error.

Judicial Attention Disorder, Lax Lex.

       serving truth, that truth may serve




Learning from Enron  by Joe Costello, July 9, 2004


"It's hard to write that Enron and its former ceo are being scapegoated. But this is in part what is happening. It's not that Enron didn't manipulate and fraudulently exploit the California electricity market, yet passing the blame all on one firm, no matter how culpable, barely exposes the real tragedy of the California electricity fiasco".

Enron 'Tilted E'


Updated Q&A on the global industrial complexxon:  Nov 3, 2006

Exxon's (Esso) questionable public-private partnership in the international Gasunie of 1963 with Shell and the Dutch government: the globe's supreme-level of misconduct setting the post-war corporate culture of greed technology and mere profit-growth resulting in settled law of failing jurisdictions derived from structural error, lost overview and misleading P3-related and intertwined institutional strategy and behavior.

Exxon manipulation of Shell and the Dutch government indicates the European post-war constriction imposed by force of industrial dominance: manipulating the global energy- and financial markets for 44 years now.

The Enwrong trial definition brings a much bigger case of sheer incomprehensible scope and scale: Lee Raymond should face his day in court and be brought to justice for his many and very complex misdeeds. We challenge and take the FBI to task, indeed.


KEEP TRACK OF THE 'SUCCES-AGENDA'  & THE ENDURING WAR ON ERROR: 'the other side weighed-in', extented duality-based inside insight research program setting the outlook for fundamental future civilization's development for real change and effective equality-progress word-wide while siding semantic errorism and paranoia.

Please compare with (most actual) Global Scream Paper* (global warning) & read 'State law and International crime' under Imploding Governance on this website - and 'Houston Connection' under Gasgate 1963. *developing from the formerly 'Global Screen Paper' as submitted to the European Commission's public hearing on it's Green Paper about abusive exclusionary conduct in the european energy sector.


 Enwrong trial!


Who the hell is guilty if Lee Raymond of ExxonMobil isn't?

      Sim Lake 

Global Crime judged by a local jury. ake      engineered by federal prosecutors Birkowitz ans Stricklin.

Ex-Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling's sentencing hearing of October 23, 2006, in the Bob Casey UNITED STATES COURTHOUSE, 515 Rusk Avenue, HOUSTON:  United States District Court, Southern District of Texas, Courtroom 9B.

Nearing the end of the public hearing where seven sceduled Enron-victims and two Enron-strategy defenders had addressed the Court, U.S. District Justice Sim Lake allowed for two extra unlisted speakers to express concerns and take the stand. Yours truely became the last person to possibly clarify confusion in the world's most obvious accounting-scandal trial that triggered new codes of conduct following the subsequent 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act for ethical behavior and so-called 'good governance'. (compare 'incorporated governance' elsewhere on this anti-tank thinking portal)


 Justice lake: "Please come forward and state your name".

* U.S. District-Judge Sim Lake is a former environmental litigator with Fulbright & Jaworski and was appointed to the federal bench by President Reagan in 1988. He earned his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law in 1969 and was a U.S. Army officer from 1970-71. Lake earns consistently high ratings from Houston-area lawyers in the Houston Bar Association's annual judicial preference poll. Nearly two years ago he sentenced former Dynegy finance executive Jamie Olis to 24 years in prison for his role in pushing through a 2001 scheme to disguise debt as cash flow. In October 1999, he sentenced former day trader Alton Dane Hudnall to 25 years in prison for conspiring with five others to defraud 500 European investors of $53 million in a money laundering scheme. Hudnall was convicted of 26 counts of money laundering, 17 counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy. In June 1995, lake sentenced former Houston socialite Teresa Rodriquez to nearly 22 years in prison on 36 counts of wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering for bilking 375 investors of $69 million.




Stephan Tychon:  'Thank you, Your Honor, for letting me speak on this occasion, my name is Stephan Tychon, Chief Officer of Change of the World Stability Council, Bruxxelles.'

'Your Honor, I am disappointed about the Court's global view and fundamental lack of overview concerning international business matters'.

Judge Lake: ' Did you write the Court a letter on this?'

'Your Honor, I had a pre-trial interview with one of the federal prosecutors (Cliff Stricklin, one of the four Enron Task Force attorneys) and expressed concerns of lacking global overview in energy matters.... ' ...previously registered with the U.S. Attotney General Jeminez in Miami (March 31, 2004)...see Exxon-related scope of the Enron-scandal under 'Exxon Task Force'.

 Cliff Stricklin: Enron Task Force federal prosecutor

At this time a female U.S. Marshall signals to immediately stop, so I bruskly turned away without even thanking the Judge, to decidedly regain my seat.

As these were the last words spoken by a representative of the public in this landmark process, I still feel honored to have been able to do so, even while explaining my point of view was made impossible... factual evidence is officially registered and could be of good use for Skilling's appeal to unravel the tangled crime of the global Complexxon:

Just after Judge Lake adjourned the Court's sentencing hearing, I spoke -still being in the courtroom-  with the director of the Justice Department's Enron Task Force, lead prosecutor and former white collar criminal defense and securities fraud attorney Sean Berkowitz who advised me to follow-up with Cliff Stricklin who is now No. 2 in the Denver U.S. Attorney's Office: the First Assistant U.S. Attorney, after receiving the Department of Justice's most prestigious award and Highest Honor, the Attorney General's Award for Exceptional Service. In August 2006, U.S. Attorney Troy Eid assigned Stricklin to head the trial team in the United States vs Joseph Nacchio.

 Clif Stricklin


I feel locking-up U.S. intelligence and creativity does not advance this world. Instead it harms progressive innovation and just amounts to costs and harms to the global society that is under pressure of Exxon's Cheap-Oil Strategy where real change and progress for the greater good are structurally frustrated to say the least.


'The Last Word Not Said' is to be continued off-course by the Exxon Task Force and will take her to great lenght and the deepest depths. Just watch this for more to come!

Big Drift II-video on Enwrong trial coming soon with really unique shots not seen elsewhere:

Watch how mediabulling with about eight horse-mounted policemen takes place in Houston. Revealing and impressive at the same time: Repeating commands: 'to the wall !'... 'to the wall !'... were not only confusing and overdone but hindering all those national and international cameramen. But.., I must admit first-class showmanship of sustained authority. Here we feel at home, because that is what we do while performing 'real time acts': questioning that same authority while not blaming the people for excecuting policies, but rather working together! It really felt like Berlins or Paris' '68 student revolts! On top of that I admire horses in general, but this extremely disciplined performance was one-of-a-kind to me. I also like to state at this moment that I feel much more free here in the U.S. than in my own homeland, the Netherlands where freedom of speech is almost non-existant and very actively suppressed by structural and massive institutional behavior (Intellectual terrorism)

Also watch how Jeffrey Skilling probably performs his last 'handout' ever to Court-security in Houston, before he will almost certainly serve 292 months worth of time in the 'crown jewel' of federal prisons, the Butner Federal Corrections Complex, North Carolina, housing about 3,600 prisoners... which was changed to Waseca, Minnesota at a later date.



March 7, 2007

Rich Kinder's Enron lesson








The following blurb from Houston-based Morgan's recent 10K certainly indicates that chairman and CEO Rich Kinder learned a thing or two from his experience at Enron, particularly in the area of public relations:

Unlike many companies, we have no executive perquisites and, with respect to our United States-based executives, we have no supplemental executive retirement, non-qualified supplemental defined benefit/contribution, deferred compensation or split dollar life insurance programs. We have no executive company cars or executive car allowances nor do we offer or pay for financial planning services. Additionally, we do not own any corporate aircraft and we do not pay for executives to fly first class. We are currently below competitive levels for comparable companies in this area of our compensation package, however, we have no current plans to change our policy of not offering such executive benefits or perquisite programs. 


March 18, 2006

GM's Enronesque experience continues








This Floyd Norris/NY Times article reports that General Motors' descent toward what is increasingly looking like an inevitable reorganization is looking absolutely Enronesque:

There was a time when General Motors was seen as the paragon of financial quality. Its bonds were rated triple A, and it was known for the most conservative accounting. Let other companies use liberal accounting rules to make results look better; G.M. did not need such things.

The announcement late Thursday that General Motors would revise profit figures for every year of this decade, and would have to restate the 2005 earnings it had already reported, shows how far the icon has fallen. Less than a year after it lost its investment-grade bond rating, its bonds are viewed as middling even among junk bonds.

"You have to question what controls are in place," said Charles W. Mulford, an accounting professor at Georgia Tech. "When companies like G.M. are profitable, there is not a need to engage in aggressive accounting. What we are seeing now is a pattern of very aggressive accounting that took them well beyond the limits of generally accepted accounting principles."

The restatements indicate that G.M. used some highly questionable accounting techniques in 2000, when it seemed to be flying high, and a year later when profits fell sharply.




Supreme Court won't hear Enron case

by James Oliphant

The Supreme Court Tuesday shoveled the last clump of dirt on a massive suit brought against investment banks that allegedly participated in the fraud that brought down Enron Corp. and injured thousands of investors.

The court declined to hear an appeal out of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which had barred the lawsuit against the banks, which included Merrill Lynch, Barclays and Credit Suisse. The plaintiffs, led by the University of California, claimed $40 billion in losses. The Fifth Circuit tossed the suit, saying the banks had never directly misled the investors, as their relationship lay with Enron, not the banks themselves

That was the same conclusion arrived by the Supreme Court last week in Stoneridge Investment Partners v. Scientific-America, when it held that investors in that case couldn't sue third parties for actively participating in stock fraud, so the denial of certiorari in the Enron case wasn't necessarily surprise. In fact, not a single justice dissented from the denial, with Justice Anthony Kennedy abstaining because of a conflict.

The plaintiffs in the Enron litigation, however, had argued that there was a "financial services" exception to the Stoneridge ruling, which involved vendors and not banks. But Stephen Shapiro, a lawyer with the Chicago firm Mayer Brown, said Tuesday that the Enron denial illustrates that no such exception exists.

"Even with Justice Kennedy recused in Enron and Justice Breyer participating, the court unanimously denied certiorari in Enron," Shapiro said. "This further confirms that there is no financial services exception, and that Stoneridge applies to all categories of defendants who fall with the principles it announced."

Shapiro argued for the winning side in Stoneridge.


Rah! Corporations rule...little people, you're screwed! Enron, Exxon...what wonderful models of American business. No wonder the world is losing confident in American business.

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