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Industrial Dominance

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Enron's Skilling sprung? It could happen this week

The economist's depiction of deadweight loss to efficiency that monopolies cause. See diagram above.

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For Leading Exxon to Its Riches, $144,573 a Day

For Leading Exxon to Its Riches, $144,573 a Day

Lee R. Raymond, who retired from Exxon in December, was paid more than $686 million from 1993 to 2005.

April 15, 2006BusinessSidebar

The New Face of an Oil Giant

The New Face of an Oil Giant

If Rex W. Tillerson has his way, Exxon Mobil will no longer be the oil company that environmentalists love to hate.

March 30, 2006BusinessNews

Global Warning: Massive discrepancy between Cheap-Oil and Smart Gas while DOW Up, Houses Down & Fed rate unchanged on October 27, 2006. Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas.


Letters to Neelie Kroes and Andris Piebalgs, commissioners of Competition and Energy of the Commission of the European Communities regarding the global industrial dominance-complex dictating national legislature ('lobbyed law') and frustrating the internationalisation of law and justice while framing mankind's brain and endangering personal freedom, free thought and speech, world stability, states' and nations' identity, the common land and good, environment and welbeing like juridicial securities replaced by hope and fear:  the U.S. conflict-order of the claim- and greed-culture determinating global rule and law sustained by sheer (air-)force and the Land/Mining Act during the area of information-terror and ongoing Silent War of Enduring Error led by U.S. Inc. abusing protection for competition.


Bruxxelles, 19.12.2005

Green Paper on 'damages actions for breach of the EC antitrust rules.'

'Vigorous competition on an open internal market provides the best guarantee that European companies will increase their productivity and innovative potential.* Competition law enforcement is therefore a key element of the 'Lisbon strategy', which aims at making the economy of the European Union grow and create employment for europe's citizens.'

*Note: My personal opinion is that all the above should be reconsidered for redefinition as transatlantic public-private relations determine mutual foreign policies defined by corporate aggression and abusive conduct implied by 'incorporated governance' and in-house judging. Only a 100% transparent and fundamental public debate will cure this lure for 'more open, better and smarter' public sector. Bush' State of the Union '06 points to increasing public awareness that energy-politics are shaping foreign policy: 'America is addicted to oil', possibly an indication for the ongoing Silent War of Enduring Error sustained by ubiquitous information-terror. (Tychon)

'As part of an effort to improve the enforcement of competition law after the modernisation of the procedural law on the application of Articles 81 and 82 of the EC Traety, this Green Paper and the Commission Staff Working Paper attached to it address the conditions for bringing damages claims for infringement of EC antitrust law. They identify obstacles to a more efficient system for bringing such claims and propose options for solving these problems. Facilitating damages claims for breach of antitrust law will not only make it easier for consumers and firms who have suffered damages arising from an infringement of antitrust rules to recover their losses from the infringer but also strengthen the enforcement of antitrust law'. (thus sustaining the cure-cult and problem/solution paradigm!)


WSC Dualiteitsraad Benelux - onafhankelijke stabiliteitskamer


   Lee Raymond, ex-ceo of ExxonMobil

Maastricht, januari 9, 2006

EUROPEAN COMMISSION        B-1049 Bruxxelles, Belgium

DG Competition-Commissioner Ms. Neelie Kroes

CC: DG Energy-Commissioner Andris Piebalgs


Subject: 'GASGATE', antitrust comments / Article 82 review & actions for damages relating to suspect science implications / abuse of post-war technology-advantage provoking incriminating business practices by Esso/ExxonMobil within the public-private partnership Gasunie, the world's biggest energy-transition from coal to gas.

Reference: Tychon-Exxon - 'La condition americaine'.

To whom it may concern:  Inclusive sustainable foresight-analyses for transatlantic energy-debate 'from U.S. conflict-order to EU competition-model': the insight-overview-foresight paradigm:

Pipeline lock-ins versus natural monopolies related to international politics of power are redefining transition presumptions to a new regulatory and competitive, transatlantic free market environment to the benefit of all peoples: Trade. No aid!

Please find enclosed the preamble on my 'Statement of Grounds for Objection' to be emailed to your Office by March 21, 2006.

Public consultation: subjects and comments to the Green- and Discussion- Papers will be elaborated on for publication and include allegations about the stolen European Energy-Agenda 1966 on the world's largest international gasdistribution network by Gasunie officials sustaining american economic fundamentalism, economic primacy pressure and information-terror dubbed the 'War on Error'.

Access to evidence refused by ceo George Verberg of Gasunie depicts a structural arrogant corporate attitude and points at state aid, entangled public-private relations endangering the rule of law and trias politica - not to mention organised legal crime.

Covert abusive conduct is a U.S.-generated problem of the basic 'nomadic frame' (American Mining or land Act) and to be solved with the internationalization of law within the EU of 'framed nomads'.


Stephan GM Tychon, chief officer of change WSC

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