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NEW ORDEAL only to be prevented by a Clean Deal after renegotiating transatlantic public-private relations in the energy sector: a new set of playing cards sustaining codes of conduct and corporate governance that guarantee social-economic balance and stability in the public domain and private sectors: compare 50-50 strategy next. We need an energy-debate and rebate like the War on Error against persisting misery, arrogance and the pact of evil: the forced and one-sided contract between Exxon, Shell and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, cause  of world-wide energy machination.

European leadership needs to just tell America we will regroup power politics to rule out global industrial dominance (rule of oil, petro-dollar terror) and limit abusive and unethical conduct to start with new energy fundamentals world-wide: that's how Europe makes inclusive global change and progress simple:

The Euro-gascartel will force cheap-oildollar terror to reconsider democracy as a 50/50 paradigm where differences are shared.

This is a global antitrust initiative of NATA, the North Atlantic Transparency Alliance.




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