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EXXON-SHELL global crime & cheap-oil dollar crash

Why governments, including their judicial


systems, won't really support sustainable


development o.t. international community.


Inside the Enron Trial   click blue link above & mark second slide!

The military-industrial complex

Enron's Skilling sprung? It could happen this week

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Iraq War Cost -     



 Errbanke's SEC-Fed crime brokerage

Abolish The U.S. Federal Reserve  

What can the Fed really do?

Rights in Shreds? Remind Bush and Cheney that a president is not a king and the Constitution is not a recommendation.

Join us for the ACLU Membership Conference in Washington, D.C. on June 8, 9 and 10 and stand up to the abuse of power. Category Cloud



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Wexler: McClellan's Testimony Justifies Cheney's Impeachment

By John Bresnahan


    global distortion of the truth


London School of Economics and Political Science 


  V for Victoria!                     

februari 29, 2008. US declares EU independent!

Bold arrogance of power and disregard -if not contempt- for

the public, by the failing United States. US ambassador to

NATO, Victoria Nuland, recognizes EU defense-autonomy: 

"Washington no longer has a problem with the

European Security and Defence policy"


  • Documentary 52': The Curse of Oil


    Sweet Crude Curse sudden wealth & cheap oil terror...

    the paradox of plenty Royal Dutch Disease.





    Root cause of globalizing terror:



    WAR: the ultimate confusion, like the new Gasunie's

    logo which we proudly nominate as the globe's worst


                                                      Compare with the Thai-UK Education Festival 2008 logo:

    Thai-UK Education Festival 2008, 25 January - 15 February 2008

        Who said the world lost all sense of direction?

        The UK? They may run Washington, but non-dom themselves!

    compare xxell's decoding conduct



    On Unregulated Corporate Donations
    The nine elaborate balls, three candlelight dinners, a rock concert, extravagant receptions and parties preceding Bush's January 20 inauguration will have a hefty price tag, and most of the multi-million dollar bill will be paid for by Exxon Mobil Corp., Bristol Meyers Squibb, former Enron President Richard Kinder, and
    dozens of well-connected Bush fundraisers.  full story

    Total US CO2 since 1750 (cubic feet)


    When corporations have Permission to Steal:

    Dr. Lisa Newton, professor of philosophy and director of the Applied Ethics program in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, has written a new book, Permission to Steal: Revealing the Roots of Corporate Scandal, published by Blackwell in November.

    "It is the story of the scandals that brought down Enron, WorldCom, HealthSouth, and all of the other scandals to which we were subjected at the end of the 20th century, along with an explanation of how such things happened," Dr. Newton said. Delving into each scandal, Dr. Newton offers a fresh perspective on what went wrong and what needs to be done to prevent corporate corruption from reoccurring.

    Identifying the root of the problem, Dr. Newton said, "It all started with Gyges' Ring." The mythical ring mentioned in Plato's Republic was known to make the wearer of it invisible. "Plato was convinced that if people had the power to be invisible they would do all sorts of terrible things. Sure enough, they did." In her book, she writes that we do not have Gyges' Ring in the real world, "but rings that do nothing more than make us invisible - offshore special purpose entities, Swiss banks, gated communities, and the general anonymity of the city - are everywhere we look, there for the purchasing. We need the accountability that comes with transparency, visibility, and access to information, to keep our corporations honest."


    100% transparent ICTerror

    Please compare Plato's Gyges' ring with the sE-circles & -cycles and moral-fallout/spiral-virus of sExxell's Complexxon: P3 explanation of global structural energy fundamentals-based inherent and implicit State-corporate corruption


        root cause of modern misery and daily disaster.  



    Wrondoing at the intersection of business & government

     Raymond J. Michalowski


    Enron 'Tilted E'



      goodbye America!

    America Diminished NYTimes The Washington Note.jpg                                            

    Trusted Criminals:

    White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society

    Trusted Criminals: White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society Cover





    Synopses & Reviews

    Publisher Comments:

    TRUSTED CRIMINALS: WHITE COLLAR CRIME IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY is a comprehensive guide that covers topics ranging from the problems involved in studying white collar crimes to the principal focus of the crimes to the character of the legal and criminal justice response to the crime.

    Book News Annotation:

    This textbook describes the various types of white collar crime, the costs of such crime, the theories explaining it, and efforts to control it. Chapters concentrate on topics like corporate crime, occupational crime, governmental crime, globalization, technocrime, policing, and prosecuting and defending white collar criminals. Friedrichs teaches at the University of Scranton. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (


    This comprehensive text helps students understand the problems involved in studying white collar crime, explanations for crime, the principal focus of the crimes, and the character of the legal and criminal justice response to the crime.

    About the Author

    David O. Friedrichs is Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice at the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania). He is the author of LAW IN OUR LIVES: AN INTRODUCTION (Roxbury, 2001; 2006), editor of STATE CRIME, VOLUMES I AND II (Ashgate, 1998), and has published some 100 articles, book chapters, encyclopedia entries, and essays on a wide range of sociological and criminological topics, including many articles on white collar crime. He has been a visiting professor at a number of universities, including Ohio University, the University of South Africa, and Flinders University (Australia). He has also served as President of the White Collar Crime Research Consortium (2002-2004).


      Harvard Re-Education   


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